Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Will You Be For the Revolution?

Hmm...first Cudi get's arrested this week on felony criminal mischief for actin' a fool gettin' all Chuck Norris with door hinges and smashing cell phones. Oh yea, he may or may not have had some liquid cocaine too? Yikes, guess he wasn't kidding with all that talk of abusing drugs on his first album.

It sounds like this is an old school sample, but evidently the production was homegrown by Plain Pat and North Philly's own Larry Gold. You may not know, but Plain Pat got some writing credits Kanye's 808's and Heartbreak on the tracks Welcome to Heartbreak and Paranoid. Larry Gold is somewhat of a well known puppetmaster when it comes to orchestrating the strings (that was way too what if I'm corny??). If you don't remember Gold is the man responsible for the string arrangements on Jay-Z’s 2001 Jay-Z Unplugged album.

I was quick to anoint Cudi's last album a certified classic and months later, I feel even stronger about that opinion. The raw emotion and off the wall electro sound of the album was incredibly fresh. I revered his efforts so much for being so emotionally transparent and at times depressing, which he now takes to another level with his first single off his upcoming album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, due out September 15th. The stoner undertones of tracks like Solo Dolo and Day 'n Nite his last album totally fit with the vibe of the album and created a cohesively intriguing sound. While Cudi has explained that the first album was more about his dreams and his new album is going to be more about his reality...see below...
"MOTM2 is dark by nature and instead of bringing you into my dreams like my first album, im bringing you into my reality. good and bad. it will explain more of who iam aswell as pushing the envelope musically. this project will focus on many dark, fun, and ignorant moments in my life since ive been kid cudi in a exciting and cinematic nature continuing the MOTM theme. this is my darkest work so far with a hint of fun and grooviness for those who like the classic chill cudi sound but elevated to another level." - Source
Jury is still out on this one for me, I like the rolling Jimi Hendrix style guitar and rolling beat coming to it's crescendo around the 2:30 mark where the instrumental cranks it up a few notches. Part of me thinks Cudi actually grew up in the 70s when I hear tracks like this from him, but his does "different" well, it's what creates his allure. Still dangerously close to being too tripped out for my liking, but the fact that he's reaching the boundaries of my fandom means he's pushing the limits further and makes me even more excited for his new album.

Give it a listen...

Kid Cudi - REVOFEV (prod by Plain Pat)
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