Friday, June 11, 2010

Buzz Track: A.O.N. - Doin' It Big

Another shot fired across the bow from up and coming artist A.O.N., this time on more of a bouncy, head nodding tip on Doin' It Big. He's already shown he's got the ability to light up radio stations with his catchy collabo with IYAZ on My Girl. On the real though, blogs catch up, that track is fire and I haven't seen it on more than one or two of the Hip Hop blogs I frequent...

Little different style from A.O.N. on Doin' It Big, taking more of a big beat, Hip Hop angle that blends well with the keys on the hook. Whole lotta love for the Windy City love on this one as the artist who is Nothing short of Ambitious does his best to carry the town on his back, yelling "Chi-Town where you at?!". A great exhibit of his limitless confidence and swagger on his verses, he's got a powerfully youthful vibe to his tracks that comes off a upbeat and surprisingly easy to nod your head to.

A big reason why I think he's got what it takes to make a splash with his music has to do with his versatility. No doubt he's got the flow to sound at home on any style of beat, but it's his appeal to to all sorts of audiences from Pop to R&B to Hip Hop that will end up getting his music heard. On the tracks I've listened to so far by him, he's sounded at times like Wale, other times like Lupe Fiasco with his delivery. He's showing flashes of catchy bars like
"And I stay strapped like bras on a woman"
"Cold like Chilli sick and soundin' like T-Boz and with the Left Eye peep chica"
...that blend well with Hip Hop pop culture references like G-Shock watches. It's about being accessible and Hip Hop nowadays caters to creativity because artist like Lil Wayne and Drake are setting the bar higher when it comes to intelligent creative verses. Whole lotta potential with in that respect with A.O.N. because some of his rhymes take a few listens for the average listener to get...which is a good thing and will gain him respect among peers when people start knowing his name.

Shout out to his manager Bigman at Bigsteeze Records for the exclusive tracks. Check it out y'all...

A.O.N. - Doin' It Big (prod by Bucknasty)
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