Friday, June 04, 2010

"Gotta Shake That Ass Like a Donkey With Parkinsons..."

In short, this one had me at hello all Jerry Maguire style. Other than being his second single off Recovery, the track features one of my favorite producers (pictured above in the banner far top right corner) DJ Khalil. In case you're not up in his works of art, give Slaughterhouse - The One, Fabolous - Imma Do It, Clipse - Kinda Like a Big Deal, Jim Jones - Love Me No More. Side Bar: That Imma Do It beat is probably my favorite out of the bunch, but that may also be due to the fact that Fab pulls a lyrical jack move all over the beat.

This beat most closely resembles Slaughterhouse's The One and Clipse's Kinda Like a Big Deal with the rock/guitar sample over the upbeat Khalil percussion-fest, providing the perfect canvas for Em's schizophrenia. This track spotlights the night and day creativity difference between his new material off Recovery compare to whatever the hell that was on Relapse. Seemingly another no-holds barred assault on whatever pops into his mind with quoteables like...
"I cut my toes off and step on the receipt before I foot the bill,
Listen garden tool, don’t make me introduce you to my power tool,
You know the f'ing drill"
"I gave Bruce Wayne a Valium and said,
Settle ya f'in ass down I’m ready for combat-man,
Get it calm batman?"
"Gotta shake that ass like a Donkey with Parkinsons,
Make like Michael J Fox in the jaws playin’ with a etch-a-sketch"
"Does a bird chirp, Lil Wayne slurps syrup til he burps and smokes purp,
Does a wordsearch, gets circles wrapped around him like you do when I come through"
"Fork was in the road took the pyschopath
poison ivy wouldn’t have me thinking rash"
That Bruce Wayne combat man/calm batman pun was creative, as was the get circles wrapped/wordsearch rap double entendre. Side Bar: Interesting how OSU's own MZ of The Smoking Section called shenanigans on Jay-Z's triple entendre line off his collabo with Drake on Light Up. Not gonna lie the line about Michael J Fox, whom you may have read has Parkinson's disease, and the etch-a-sketch was little out of bounds...but after the making fun of Christopher Reeves' disability, his mockery truly knows no bounds?

On a humor note, I definitely felt like an idiot at the 3:31 mark in the track where the sound on the track does a quick fade for the beat to recover (no pun intended) with Em yelling TURN ME BACK UP! I'm serious I had it on the iPod in the shower and I was like WTF!! who is in here turnin' my music down!!...crazy how even 2 sec fade can be so noticeable when you naakkkeedd.

While everyone has been quick to negatively judge Drake's new album, which sprung a leak this week, I'm reserving judgment for a few weeks because I've only begun to soak in his deeper than people thought debut album. Despite that, I'd definitely give the nod to Eminem whose first two singles (Not Afraid and Won't Back Down) are better than Drake's (Over and Find You Love). We'll see if Eminem can continue this regained sense of vitality with his rhymes and overall effort on tracks...I'll say one thing, with these two tracks he's turned me from a half decade long hater to a believer all over again..

Give it a listen...
Eminem feat P!ink - Won't Back Down (prod by DJ Khalil) | Download


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