Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buzz Track: A.O.N. - Story Book

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about A.O.N. from people around the country who subscribe to my Monthly Song List. They've given an emphatic thumbs up to his first two tracks I've shared with them, the increasingly popular summertime jam My Girl with IYAZ and his new single Doin' It Big.

What strikes me about these new tracks I'm hearing from the 16 year old Ambitious or Nothing is the consistency of what he's been putting out of late. The past three tracks I've posted about don't sound like your half ass'd run of the mill mixtape tracks. These are the tracks and singles that sell albums and get you on the radio and introduces to pop culture. In my last Drake post I touched on just how long it usually takes to be "heard by the masses", with it taking Drake at least 3-4 years before his sound caught on. Rarely are there ever any overnight stars made in music, it really is a long term investment and grind in making it big, which is why anybody who has made it professionally in anything from sports to music, I have an immense respect for. Having played D1 collegiate baseball and having been on the doorstep of the next level with many friends at that level, I have a respect for those who made it.

How does this relate to A.O.N. you may wonder? For his age, he's ahead of the curve when it comes to being accustomed to making quality music. He's got a laid back flow that compliments his upbeat sound that blends well with the beats he's rhyming over. He tells stories and his verses are creative and engaging. Add to that a little edge in some of his lyrics and an easily understood delivery, it allows his music to be repeated by listeners, which is crucial for creating a radio/pop culture buzz.

Doin' it Big hasn't finished it's run as his current single (see photoshoot), but when it does, it will give way to a fun, easygoing, head nodding track called Story Book. The Lupe in his delivery comes out in this track, going bar for bar effortlessly until the verses give way to the hook that adds to the radio appeal...
I'm your good night dream,
No more nightmares
I'm a good night dreams
I dunno about you, but the three tracks I've posted by A.O.N. are now in heavy rotation this summer in my playlists. My Girl and Story Book are great choices for summer release singles, they play well at parties/windows down because of the upbeat, positive sound.

Give his upcoming single a listen...

A.O.N. - Story Book
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