Thursday, June 10, 2010

Throwback Thurs: "She Make Me Wanna Leave the One I'm With Usher Raymond..."

I'll admit the post from yesterday with Chris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall chop choppin' up the Deuces was a big reason for this post. Kevin McCall's line on his verse:
The other chick I'm with never complain
She make wanna leave the one im with Usher Raymond
Wait a sec...that Usher track back in 97 off his classic My Way album was my JAM! His track You Make Me Wanna established precedence. In my mind, it legitimately put the date a girl to get with her friend move in play and took it a step further, dramatizing it to the point where the guy somehow ended up being the sympathetic figure in the end because he's falling for the friend who has been with him through all the ups and down. That's why I love R&B man, with a little bit of harmony you can make any dick relationship move sound like a sad, sympathy evoking story. Classic video by the way...

Who can forget the chair choreography in that it. But on a serious tip, fellas...the girl that listens is usually worth a whole lot more of your time than that dime piece that's jerkin' you around like something worthy of being on a leash. My question is, what's the average age for that epiphany to occur where the best friend becomes a better move?...I'd say definitely not before 21 and probably bordering in the mid to late 20's. I have no problem being the a real life exception to my opinion...#foodforthought

I don't think I'll ever get sick of this one, it takes me back to middle school and has that nostalgic aura about it with the lyrics, video and episodic memories that go along with it. I know Chris Brown is the new Usher when it comes to performing and dancing, but there's an undeniable classiness that goes along with Usher's silky smooth dance moves.

How can you not feel for the helpless guy who has no choice but to leave the one he's with for the friend??
"Now what's bad is that your the one that hooked us up, (knowin' it shoulda been you), what's sad is that I love her but I'm fallin' for you.."

Usher - You Make Me Wanna
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