Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"I Got a Big Heart...But it Beat Quiet..."

Unbeknownst to me (at least prior to this), Chris Brown and the most underrated element of Young Money, Tyga, are pretty good friends. Or at least we now know they are capable of getting together to put together a pretty damn good Mixtape.
Prior to hearing their new Fan of a Fan Mixtape, if you would have asked me whether they would make a good duo, on first thought, I probably would have given a thumbs up. Both are multi-faceted with CB being more R&B than Hip Hop, while Tyga mostly Raps, but has had his share of Pop/R&B my favorite track of his Press 7. After listening to Press 7 again, Tyga's vengeful lyrics seem to be the common denominator in tracks that I like of his. It can be expensive holding grudges, but sometimes you have to invest to progress right?...haha.

It's very tempting to compare the two tracks because the subject of Press 7 and Deuces are the same, being the ex-girlfriend who isn't worth it because I'm gonna find better, so kick rocks and enjoy watching me treat her better than I treated you. Novel notion to those of us who have lost on the battlefield of love and are competitive/motivated to move onto the PS3 and spite the XBox (Royce Airplanes freestyle swagger jack). Truth be told, Tyga steals the show from Chris Brown and Kevin McCall, who both put together similarly spited and witty verses in their own right. Below are the lyrics to Tyga's verse...
"Uh, use to be valentines
Together all the time
Thought it was true love, but you know women lie
It's like I sent my love with a text two times
Call cause I care, but I aint get no reply
Tryna see eye to eye but its like we both blind
F*** it lets hit the club, I rarely sip but pour me some
Cause when its all said and done,
I aint gon be the one that she can always run to
I hate liars, F*** love I'm tired of tryin
My heart big but it beat quiet

I don't never feel like we vibin
Cause every time we alone its a awkward silence
So leave your keys on the kitchen counter
And gimme back that ruby ring with the big diamond
S*** is over, whatchu trippin for?
I don't wanna have to let you go
But baby I think its better if I let you know"
Runs the gamut of breakup emotions going from the putting it all out there trying hard to save the relationship by "texting two times" then "calling cause he cares"...only to finally realize he's fighting a losing battle and it's time to not only sever all ties, but move on to something better. Spite and vengeance are negative emotions that tend to lead to a third negative emotion, jealousy...but what I like is that any positive person who has gone through failure of any kind in life has the ability to flip that negativity into a positive like a hamburger patty at your Sunday BBQ. Being jealous is such a waste of time, don't get mad get even...that's what I'm sayin'.

Anybody else think Chris is talkin' about Rihanna in his verse when he says:
"You'll regret the day when I find another girl, yeah
Who knows just what I need, she knows just what I mean
When I tell her keep it drama free"
Probably has nothing to do with this recent development in Rihanna's personal life I bet. Game recognize game Matt Kemp, from one baseball player to another, play on man's pain is another man's pleasure evidently...haha.

Anyways, if you're lookin' for a little motivation or just angry at that ex that left you seemingly high and dry who is soon gonna find out they made them a better person by enabling you to see someone better...throw this one on repeat...

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