Monday, June 14, 2010

"Rihanna post-Chris, Matt Kemp Baby This is Us"

First though that immediately came to mind was daaaammmn I haven't heard The Game drop verses like this on a track in a while. Add in a T.I. verse that manages to one-up the swag dosage to heights we haven't seen since he incarceration and you've got an exciting track. In case you haven't heard, The Game's fourth studio album titled The Red Album is set for an August 10th release and has a tracklist that is becoming every bit as diverse and legendary as Slim Shady's new epic album Recovery.

In case you haven't been following the past 10 months, I am a fan of the intricacies of what go into making a track likable. The beat, the lyrics, the writers...even demo singers on some tracks...I have an appreciation for what goes into the final product and feel like all the respective pieces deserve to be magnified and analyzed in an attempt to give credit where credit is due. I've always maintained my opinion that The Game is a talented rapper and although Dr. Dre had a lot to do with his success, he was less of a product of the Aftermath juggernaut than 50 cent.

You'd have your work cut out for you trying to argue that The Documentary wasn't a classic Hip Hop album. Add in a solid effort on The Doctor's Advocate leading into a somewhat lackluster LAX album and I wasn't sure what to expect on The Red Album. Now I see a DJ Khalil track, Polow Da Don, Jim Jonsin, Timbaland, Cool & Dre and a Drumma Boy track on the unofficial tracklist and it's downright exciting.

As I eluded to earlier, there's always a reason why something musically stands out to me. I'm a rational person, which is why I graduated with an IT degree...there's always a reason why something happened with computers, that's why they work. What makes this track work are the execution of the verses and the overall A+ lyrical delivery. The Game leads off with:
"Remember Camron first year
think it was Horse and Carriage
but I aint talkin’ marriage
I’m talking 14 carrots
I aint talkin' Tiffany
cause I ain't talking industry
I’m talking in the streets
twin Bentleys
I’m tryin’ to be what you mentally before physically
I’m physically before mentally, just remember me"
And there is absolutely no letting up by T.I. with my favorite part of his verse when he plainly states the pros of being open minded to living the lavish life he's willing to provide...
"You see that feeling when you met me well you shouldn’t fight it
They said you and I are more than worth a try so don’t deny it
See I’m king like Leonidas
dress your hands with the brightest stones known to man
when your mans pockets on a diet"
And finally the not-so-subtle Chris Brown barb as he shouts out his LA Dodger friend Matt Kemp in addressing Rihanna's new flame:
"I’m a rude boy so Imma go get it up
Rihanna post-Chris Matt Kemp
Baby this is us"
Aren't many rappers who can pull off the laid back lavish lyrical swag that The Game and T.I. Consider this exhibit 1 of hopefully many more notable tracks off The Red Album...

The Game feat T.I. & Robin Thicke - Pushin' It


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