Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Month of Usher...Welcome Back Mr. Raymond

It's been quite a while since I've seen such a high volume of quality tracks from one artist find their way out on the I mean (same thing these days right?). Yes, Love in this Club was good and Moving Mountains was great, even classic I'd dare say with Usher's emotion soaked lyrics and Danjahandz's picturesque beat, but his album Here I Stand in it's entirety wasn't anything to write home about and not near the caliber of some of his other efforts like My Way or Confessions.

So what has changed since 2008 this is going to make this new album a return to classic Ursher material? Well for one, as of this summer he's now divorced from his former wife Temeka Foster, which surely will have some sort of emotional toll good or bad on his music. I'm not sure about Usher but some of the most creative stuff I've ever produced, created or written has been shortly after a break up...I'm guessing the reason for that can be blamed on the heightened emotion levels I poured into what I was doing. Hopefully we get the same from him with this new album...

Which brings us to his new project, Raymond vs Raymond, which is supposed to drop on March 2, 2010. Originally slated for a December release, the album has been pushed back with plenty of rumors regarding a relationship with a competing record company employee as well a plenty of...well...leaked promotional tracks. It remains to be seen if the below tracks will make the final cut, but honestly I don't think it matters whether people hear it now or hear it later, it's quality material that will sell no matter what in my opinion.

Here are my five favorite new Usher tracks:

1. Usher feat Nicki Minaj - Little Freak (prod by Polow Da Don) Sexy!!!

This track is quite a bit more lyrically explicit than any Usher track I've heard. The track says to me he's got that post-break up swag back and he's back to being in touch with how much the ladies have always loved him and just how far he can take that. Of course it doesn't hurt to have Polow da Don drop a crazy hot beat that amplifies the already overtly sexual lyrics. I don't really mind Nicki Minaj's verse either, she's finding her niche in the Hip Hop game, especially with her growing contingent of Barbie followers. Hot track and I'm guessing soon to be cleaned up radio hit.

2.Usher - There Goes My Baby (prod by Jim Jonsin) Nice Slow Jam!!!

My second favorite is more of smooth slow jam of sorts that is set off perfectly by none other than the man himself Jim Jonsin. Impossible to go wrong with him or Polow for that matter, but this one is on a grown and sexy slow jam tip. The beat takes a turn for the dramatic at the end when he goes semi-acapella and hits a few of those high notes. Really makes you think about how proud you are of that dime piece you managed to fool fall in love with you.

3. Usher - Foolin Around (prod by Jermaine Dupri & B. Cox) Slow Jam!!!

Now this one may actually end up being my favorite, but it hasn't quite had the opportunity to marinate on me yet. This is more on the U Got it Bad and Nice and Slow level of slow jams. I mostly blame B. Cox and his mastery through writing and producing R&B tracks. It really is ridiculous how many great songs he's been behind, give this one a quick read to get yourself learned on a legend.

4. Usher - So Many Girls (prod by Danjahandz) Hot Club Track!!!

Just for good measure why not throw in another slightly edgy and dark, in your face, upbeat banger with Danja. Keeping up with the whole single vibe, noting just how many girls there are out there, Mr. Raymond is definitely back on his grizzly adams if get what I'm sayin'. This one will be sure to catch the attention of all the ladies who enjoy the upbeat, in your face synthesizers that Danja is known for.

5. Usher - Oh My Gosh (prod by Will I Am) Hooot Club Song!!!

Yea, I could be accused of taking a nap on this one on first listen. This time I turned it up a little louder and it's definitely likable in that very radio friendly, measured clap sound that Will I Am/Black Eyed Peas have become known for. It does go pretty hard though, despite not sounding like an Usher track...or at least anything he's done previously. That might be a good thing though, this one is a little too simple lyrically for me to really love, but the way the beat keeps changing pace is pretty awesome, especially when it morphs itself into a slow jam around the 3:30 mark. Well put together track...

Bonus: Alright I couldn't keep it to 5 tracks, again there's just waaay too many US-HER quality tracks circulating, I couldn't do justice with 5.

6. Usher - Slippin Hot Slow Jam!!

Had to throw in another piano laced slow jam. This one warn boyfriends to not take your girl for granted cause " got caught slippin, now your girl's gone missin, now you're alone wishin'". Never fun to be on the losing side of the battlefield of love...this one ranks up there with R Kelly's - When a Woman's Fed Up.

Great producers, a mix of up-tempo club songs with a couple more classic slow jams...Raymond vs Raymond is gonna be exciting...Welcome back Ursher!


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