Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bobby Ray gets Shook!

Ah yes, a lil' new ish from Bobby Ray. This my friends is how you keep your name out there, I'd compare it to that little stop by to the friends house you don't wanna hang out with. You go over there on you way home when you know you only have like 5-10 mins to stop in and say hi. Yea, just enough to keep that friend off you case for never hanging out with them and always being too busy to hang out.

That's (generally speaking) is what freestyles are used for in Hip Hop. Just a stop by to make sure you haven't forgotten about them and in Bobby Ray's case to keep his name circulating in hopes of building buzz for his new album B.O.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray that's due out May.

Always helps to use a classic beat too and you can't get much more immortal or classic than the Shook Ones Part II instrumental. Who woulda thought a southern drawl could sound so at home over this beat? Lofty, but attainable goals though Bobby Ray..."I really ain't famous til Obama know my name".

Give it a listen and share in the excitement of new stuff comin' from the current Prince of the ATL:

Bobby Ray - The Biz (Freestyle) Hotttness!!!


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