Monday, January 25, 2010

Dan Black feat Kid Cudi - Symphonies (remix)

See I love collaborations like this...the ones where you're left thinking what genre would you place that song in...Pop? Maybe Hip Hop due to the Cudi collabo? Truth is, this Dan Black character has been tagged as "British electronica artist" or whatever that means? He used to be in a alt rock band and now he's interesting and wierd enough to collaborate with the Moon Man.

It's music without a face, I dare you to put a tag on it. Part of the reason I've got so much respect for Cudi is because he isn't afraid to cross musical boundaries (see collabo with David Guetta, MGMT, and potentially Travis Barker, Green Day, Kings of Leon on his upcoming album Cudder).

Add this one to the list. It sounds like Rihanna's Umbrella beat with the addition of some choir style hymns. Like a lot of Cudi's stoner dreamy music, it takes on a heavenly mood, sorta Enya style...yea I just went there, don't hate on Pure Moods, you know someone who owns the album and there was a time and place where it was played that it didn't bother you...

Give this one a listen though, it'll hopefully put you right where you need to be and give you somethin' to zone out to on the iPod...

Dan Black feat Kid Cudi - Symphonies (remix) Great Collab!!!

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