Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Raise You Glasses....Surf Club - Cheers to the Hustler

Producer Chase N' Cashe (Young Money, Lil Wayne) has a young squad of musicians/artists that form The Surf Club. The group consist of Hit-Boy, B. Carr, Chili Chil & Cashe , as well as the very underrated TY$L is on the hook. TY$L is so unheard of, I challenge you to go find his myspace. In face I'll take it a step further and give a little unsigned hype love with TY$L on the hook:

YG feat TY$L - Toot It & Boot It Unsigned Hype!!!

Back to the lecture at hand...Surf Club, they seem to be a talent bunch of cats coming together with a whole lot of great production. They are self described as a mixture between NERD and Dipset. Let me connect the dots here, I may not have made proper mention of this when I posted Lil Wayne's Drop the World track with Eminem, but in the fine print you would have noticed that song is produced by Hit Boy & Chase N Cash. Similarly, you may notice on my New Music bar on the right a certain BANGIN! track titled Pass the Dutch by Young Money feat Lil Wayne & Drake. Bet you can't guess who that is produced by?? Let me go another step further by saying both producers (Hit Boy and Chase N Cash) work under Polow Da Don's Zone 4 label, most recently known for driving the success of Keri Hilson's blossoming career, as well as Ciara and Rich Boy etc. Despite the sun not being able to get to them, it seems like anything underneath that Zone 4, Polow umbrella is pretty hot at the moment.

Seeing that songs that I like usually have the same shelf life as a banana (I'm talking when it's green and you get it from the grocery store and it's brown by the end of the week), when a song gradually grows on me like this one and I end up having a growing appreciation for the way a track is put together (i.e. that banana gets greener the longer it sits on top of the counter), that's telling. It's a gift and a curse being consistently haughty and promiscuous with music because like Jigga I'm always "On to the Next One", but having the self awareness to understand that allows me to use it for a barometer for certain songs like this one that are better than I first gave it credit for on first listen. You got me?

This track remind me of how much I enjoy Hip Hop ballads. Soft tone, strong words, smooth vibe...great ingredients. For all of you at home who care enough to know who is on what verse, 1st - Hit-Boy, 2nd - B.Carr, 3rd - Chili Chil, 4th - Chase N. Cashe. Check it out:

Surf Club feat TY$L - Cheers to the Hustler (prod by Hit Boy)


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