Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 New Jason Derulo Tracks - Outta This World and Message in a Bottle

Pictured above is ya boy JD performing at the NY Jets rally before they heroically fell to the unstoppable Indianapolis Colts...and before you're quick to call me a bandwagon jumper, read the piece above titled "About the GWDJ" and note that said High School was in the great state of Indiana, which automatically gives me a license to rep Naptown's own Indianapolis Colts.

Getting back to the music, here's two more tracks by Jaysahn Derulo with the first and newest having single worthy potential and engineered by none other than JJJR Rotem. He's Sean Kingston-ing the shit out of Derulo's upcoming album, stocking it with single after single and making it damn near impossible for people to avoid his music and buy into him. To be honest I'm a little surprised In My Head has caught fire like it has, quickly becoming a song that everyone in the club knows and sings along to (happened twice in front of my eyes last weekend). It's never going to reach the appeal level that Whatcha Say did, but it's still no doubt a legitimate, potentially platinum single and a great great move by the Derulo camp because Whatcha Say wasn't exactly upbeat enough of a song that you'd hear it in the club...In My Head is though.

To put things in perspective, this new track Outta This World is a lot more similar to Whatcha Say in that it's a slower ballad, but instead of the sad lyrics, it has a lot more uplifting feel to it. Gotta love those whiney synthesizers that JR has become known for in the background. Solid effort that while may not be single worthy, is definitely a lot more than a filler track on an album that is clearly destined for platinum status after his first two singles have been gobbled up and consumed by mainstream radio. Give it a listen:

Jason Derulo - Outta This World (prod by JR Rotem) Hott!!!

As a bonus, here's the newest version of a demo originally done by Jackie Boyz titled Queen of Hearts...

Jackie Boyz feat Jason Derulo - Queen of Hearts (prod by JR Rotem) Better!!

...which then turned into She Flys Me Away Better!!
Jason Derulo - She Flys Me Away (prod by JR Rotem) Best!!!

...and has now finally landeed on the title being Message in A Bottle

Jason Derulo - Message in a Bottle (prod by JR Rotem) Good!

Only things for sure are the facts that the song is definitely produced...and produced quite well by JR Rotem, one version will be on his upcoming album and also the Jackie Boyz are and will continue to be slept on despite their crazy talent.


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