Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Cool Kids - Free Throws

Midwest and (most notably) Chicago folk stick together, hence the picture above (Credit). In case you've been power nappin' the past two or so years, I'll provide another brief introduction. Mikey Rocks aka Sir Michael of the Rocks and Chuck Inglish (note his myspace says he "makes beats and cuts grass") make up the undeniably fresh group The Cool Kids.

I'd say the same impact Drake had me this year, The Cool Kids had the year before in '08 with their Totally Flossed Out EP. If you note the GWDJ banner at the top of the site, you'll notice both Drizzy and Cool Kids are in a meticulously selected group of my favorite artists, mostly because of how much of a breath of fresh air both their styles of Hip Hop are to me.

With that being said, The Cool Kids decided to drop a little Christmas present by way of a short 4 track mixtape (also featuring Don Cannon) titled Don Cannon & The Cool Kids – Merry Christmas (you can stream all four songs on their website, they actually get it that people are going to find a way to get their music for free so they might as well provide it for free).

My personal favorite on the mixtape is Free Throws, which features an infectious rolling bassline and characteristically low key, but consistently on point verses from Chuck and Mikey. It jengas my mind (boggle gets too much credit) that they are able to keep coming up with organic, homegrown samples to make their brand of Hip Hop sound so alien (sort of like the way Outkast carved such a unique niche in Hip Hop) that it's become a challenge to find tracks that aren't likable.

The Cool Kids - Free Throws Hott!!!

Just one DJ's modest opinion, but I feel like their new album When Fish Ride Bicycles is going to be an effort that won't soon be forgotten since it will be their first non-EP, non-mixtape studio release. Let me break it down real simple as far as potentially important life events for me in 2010, from 1 to 5 with 1 being most important:

1. Dr. Dre - Detox (if it ever comes)
2. Drake - Thank Me Later
3. Kid Cudi - Cudder
4. The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride Bicycles
5. My Birthday

Here is a short description from The Cool Kids on what to expect from their new album, When Fish Ride Bicycles ("It makes me wanna go eat a cherry danish"...haha):

As a bonus here's my favorite song from their past mixtape titled Knocked Down, which shows their ability to not only push the originality limits with a bass infested, 808 style knock, but also showcases their knack for weaving in and out with such a laid back, cooler than a polar bears toe nails style demeanor. Give it a listen:

The Cool Kids - Knocked Down Best track off Gone Fishing!!!

Also note the video:


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