Wednesday, January 27, 2010

808 Check: DJ Khaled feat Young Jeezy Plies Rick Ross - Put Your Hands Up (prod by The Runners)

Ya know what? I was half way done with this post before I realized it would be wrong not to picture the production crew responsible for this felony assault on your eardrums. Again, if you ain't know, The Runners are pictured above from left to right Jermaine "Mayne Zayne" Jackson and Andrew "Dru Brett" Harr. Yea they are responsible for these songs here. Saying their beats are particularly bass heavy is a bigger understatement than Gilbert Arenas saying it was a bad financial decision to bring guns to work ($147,000 per game?? ouch!! It's ok support your homie and grab one of these hot "Free Gilbert" shirts, appropriately placed amid the old Washington Bullets logo).

Anyways, back to this absolutely BANGIN Runners beat...this track can only be played loud and if you have any sort of subwoofer plugged in at or near or in the vicinity of where this song resides, please do yourself a favor and give the foundation a little massage...I know I did.

As an aside, not really a fan of any of these verses from Jeezy, Plies or Rick Ross, but who cares, it's like yelling at an aquarium "OMG I just saw a fish"...Really dude? know what I'm mean, it's part of the scenery, so in essence they are to me auxiliary elements of what you end up hearing. In my world that's all Hip Hop is sometimes, beats and rhythms with people saying words that don't usually matter...and the degree to which it ends up mattering or having an effect on me has to do with the level of creativity, intellect that goes into the wordplay and these three rappers aren't necessarily known for that. Not trying to be a hater or take anything away, all three rappers are heavyweights in their own neighborhood of Hip Hop and just because that street isn't necessarily one I like to travel down often doesn't mean it doesn't get respect from the block.

Enough talk, give you speakers some sugar and turn the dial to the right a lil bit...

DJ Khaled feat Young Jeezy Plies Rick Ross - Put Your Hands Up (prod by The Runners) HEAVY!!!


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