Monday, January 11, 2010

808 Check: Paul Wall - I'm on Patron

I've always considered myself a child of bass, a more than casual fan of the way the rear view vibrates eliciting what I consider to be a brain massage of sorts when enjoyed in moderation. The way I see it, my adoration for Southern Hip Hop at an early age (14-15 years old) could be considered the bass...(did I spell that wrong?), I mean foundation for my for love for Hip Hop.

Back in the day travellin' the country countless summers playing baseball I can remember my boy Rashard (I see you!) who shared with me what I've come to respect as Southern Hip Hop before it hit the radio and became famous a la pre-T.I., where the likes of UGK (RIP Sweet Jones), Three Six Mafia and Scarface reigned supreme without commercial recognition. At the time it was more of a cult following, but now largely due to T.I.'s commercial success, some light has been shed on this under-appreciated facet of the Hip Hop game.

From getting taught first hand the subtleties of throwin' bows from Three Six (2:15 in the video) and eventually a on lil' grimier tip with Pastor Troy's version of throwin' bows, dancin' all slow like they do in the South thanks to one of the most influential DJ's of all time DJ Screw (pictured in the banner at the top of this site to the right of the J). Man I even found myself buying this album, for like $18 or whatever crazy prices they were charging at Sam Goody at the time (yea you remember havin' to cop those $3 singles cause you had to save up for the full albums), all because I couldn't stop listenin' to track 5, Ink.(listen here and note the beat switch at the 56 sec mark as if a gallon of sizzurp was poured on the track..."I'm so Crunk, I'm I'm so Crunk, I'm I'm so I'm I'm so CRUNK!")

Anyways, enough of the history lesson, back to the first song in quite a while from Paul Wall that has grabbed my attention. If you have some sort of speakers with either a woofer or somethin' that's over 10 inches, feel free to bang this out in the deck...

Paul Wall - I'm on Patron (prod by Beanz n Kornbread)

As a side note, don't sleep on the up and coming production duo Beanz n Kornbread aka "The Coolest Producers Named after side dishes".


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