Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 New Drake Tracks..."I Used To Think You Played Too Much, But I'd Rather Go Def, Than Lose Touch"

Couple new unreleased, slightly cooled out tracks by Drizzy Drake. The first being an organic sounding Hip Hop track, centering around a few unheralded talents Von Pea from the group Tanya Morgan and Phonte of Little Brother. Little Brother especially has been a group that has been always gotten a lot of respect despite being relatively unheard of by the masses. This little shot of Phonte on the track gives you a quick glimpse of why.

You can tell this track has been dusted off the shelf since Drake's verses sound like a lot like some of the earlier material he released, where he was still figuring out where to go with his verses and how to deliver them. For example, the verses on this track sound a little quick and less deliberate compared to his new stuff...oh yea you probably don't hear a ton of talk about Phantoms or blowing a ton of money. It's amazing what a year's worth of practicing and working with great artists can do when you add to it a whole lotta of new-found confidence. If anything, just listen to this so that you can fully appreciate the growth he's underwent...

Drake - My New (feat. Von Pea & Phonte) (Prod by Nottz) Unreleased Drake!!!

Second track is a little rough around the edges since it's an unfinished version of the track, but the collabo with Colin Monroe is a good look. More or less of an ode to under appreciated in relationships. Hats off to you out there if you're ever in a position to smile in the face of that person who previously thought you weren't shit and now wants another chance to appreciate you. Lot of good quotables by Drake on this one:

"See the difference with me I don’t forget the past
And you gave me nothing so I’m gonna give you nothing right back, like…"
Where were you when I…
Would’a loved the person you trying to be now
its funny I’m the dude that you dying to see now..."

"Its funny you managed to be around for the present
All puns intended, your funds are mended"

And my personal favorite:
"You coulda told me before that your heart wasn’t in it, fine
but don't try and get a start at the finish line"

Check it...
Drake feat Colin Monroe - Where Were You Hott!!!


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