Saturday, January 16, 2010

"On Pandora With the Rest of My Kind, Now You Old Cause I Invested My Time..."

Having accumulated much respect for Joey through his years of continually unappreciated albums, freestlyes and tracks that didn't reach the mainstream, it's pretty exciting when he releases new material like Money's On Me and Keep On, both produced by J. Cardim.

The first, Money's On Me was my number one rated Hip Hop track this past month on the Song List I send out. It's simply put, Budden at his best. There aren't many tracks that truly reward you from giving it a full listen like this track. If you're wondering what I mean, have a little patience through the first minute of the track and wait for the beat to change as Joey simultaneously puts his effort into four wheel drive, absolutely trucking anything in his path. A testament to how a true Hip Hop veteran has the ability to match the intensity of the beat by stepping his game up lyrically. J. Cardim, daps & lbs on the beat with that horrific, Halloween style synthesizer on the beat, shit is crazy!

Give it a listen:
Joe Budden - Money's On Me (prod by J. Cardim) Hooooottttttt!!!
Listen here

As far as Keep On is concerned, @Mousebudden again turns a glorified freestyle into a forceful, head nod worthy effort. Just in case you thought his verses were lacking new pop culture references, he touches on the Haitian earthquake, the Pants on the Ground viral phenomenon, Teddy Pendergrass's passing this week, the Leno/Conan drama, Lane Kiffin's hiring this week, even beating me to the punch on my next post with the "Ushering in the New Year screaming Daddy's Home" shedding light on the ridiculous amount of great new Usher material this past month. I've always had an appreciation for artists that in a very smooth, subtle, not-over-the-top way can bookmark their freestyles in time with notable US/World events that people will remember through the years.

Solid effort Joe, keep doin' your thing on the internet. Most artists pay people to rep them and do the same sort of promo work you do by yourself all over the internet because they either don't see it as important enough to spend time on it or don't have the knowledge you do in utilizing technology to get ahead. Check out Move On...

Joe Budden - Keep On (prod by J. Cardim) New Joey!!


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