Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Would You Ever Hope for Something Never Ending?"

Just when you thought Skrillex was starting to focus all of his attention on making music for other superstars he comes out with a fresh new single that collectively makes everyone's speakers smile. Would You Ever features chopped up vocals from Poo Bear and a steady thumping bass line that has the capabilities of igniting the lamest of parties. It has that brand new, yet retro Nu-disco sound to it that feels fresh, but familiar. It's not a sound you'd normally associate with Skrillex, but that's a testament to how many tricks he still has up his sleeve after years worth of making music. Lucky for us that the week the track dropped, it was also blessed with a video. It's a choose your own adventure below that you can't go wrong with below...#WouldYouEver

Skrillex & Poo Bear - Would You Ever


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