Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"We're Broke as a Bottle of Wine"

I could listen to Ryan Tedder's vocals all day. Whether they come solo or through a new One Republic track, I'm not picky. But, if you throw in some Trop House vibes to the already stellar vocals, I'm all over that. Rich Love sounds like something Kygo or Thomas Jack would produce with airy synths and a bouncy beat leading the way. It's the third release from the group, following the spring release of No Vacancy and recent single Truth to Power. It's what you look for in a summer anthem, with a chill instrumental and repeatable lyrics. It'd be criminal to gush about the beat and not give the production trio Seeb credit for their contribution. Kudos to One Republic for continuing to evolve their style as they continue to shape the landscape of Pop music. It's not easy to stay on top, but they're proving to be a example for others to follow who seek career longevity. No word on when their next album will drop, but it'll be presumably be their fifth full length release over the past decade. Can't complain about an album every other year, especially when they've been able to maintain the consistency as music has continued to evolve...#RichLove

One Republic - Rich Love (prod by Seeb)


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