Saturday, July 22, 2017

Lido and THEY Bring 90s Nostalgia on Not Enough

Sending this one out to all you children of the 1990s. Somehow Lido and THEY managed to capture the essence of 90s Pop/R&B on their latest single Not Enough. The track was released about a month ago, but the vision for the track was not complete until the video came out this week. Between the throwback synths and choreographed dance moves, it's a quick trip back in time to two decades ago where the color was saturated and flashy was defined by synchronicity. Credit Ian Eastwood for delivering the choreography needed to capture the essence of the track. I would have never pegged Lido to be the one behind a track like this, but clearly I underestimated his range. Don't hesitate on hopping on this 90s train via iTunes, Spotify, or even the #NotEnoughChallenge...

Lido feat THEY - Not Enough


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