Wednesday, July 05, 2017

"I Turned My Life Into a Nice First Week Release Date"

It's been an interesting last few weeks for Jay Z. Just last week he surprised everyone with a new full length album, 4:44. To no one's surprise, it was exclusively released on Tidal...the same music service that Kanye is doing he absolute best to sever all ties with at the moment. Storied history aside, 4:44 is going to get its highly anticipated physical release this Friday, building on the initial exclusive Sprint and Tidal release on June 30th.

So what can expect from the new album? Well, CNN thinks it's dope, 50 Cent thinks it's golf course music, and somehow it's already gone platinum. The only real consensus is that The Story of O.J. is a clear standout track. Blessed with a picturesque No I.D. production and a laid back, storytelling vibe, there's a lot to unpack. Just today, the Jiggaman released a video for the track that invites even more discussion. The black and white cartoon aesthetic provides and interesting back drop for a story surrounding racial tension. I'm still trying wrap my head around it, as well as the numerous subliminal shots on his latest album. Despite the record already going platinum, it's safe to say the story of this album is only beginning to be told...#TheStoryOfOJ

Jay Z - The Story of O.J. (Prod by No I.D.) (Footnotes)


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