Tuesday, July 11, 2017

It's Different Knocks One More Weekend Out of the Park

When Audien and MAX dropped One More Weekend about a month back, I was a fan. Not enough of a fan to write about it, but it got a few spins. Fast forward to late last week when It's Different swung for the fences and knocked a remix of the original out of the park. The remix has the catchy vocals of the original, but injects an addicting, speaking thumping drop that elevates the track to a new level. This is the first I've posted of It's Different, but upon further review, they have some bangin' music. Like for example their remix of Blackbear's Fashion Week. Holy bass batman! Follow me on over to Spotify to do a big ol' cannonball into their discography...#OneMoreWeekend

Audien x MAX - One More Weekend (It's Different Remix)


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