Monday, July 10, 2017

Chance the Rapper's Blessings Get Flipped by Louis Futon

Take a bow sir Louis Futon. You deserve some serious dap for your flip of Chance the Rapper's Blessings. It's such a difficult task to break a track down to it's elemental form and build it back in a completely new and novel way. Before you watch how Louis broke it down below, here's the original version of Blessings.

Sure, the piano, guitar riffs and effort from the talented Ariel Shrumpet were cool, but the "Phat Drums" were what elevated the track to a new level. With samples being so easy to capture and make nowadays, this proves how easy it can be to "flip" a track. That's not to take anything away from Louis either. What he did was beyond dope. Find me someone who can utilize such a wide array of musical instruments and end up with something as cohesive as he did on the flip below. Feel free and direct download the bulky wav file if you want, but hopefully this becomes big enough to end up on Spotify one day...#Blessings

Chance the Rapper - Blessings (Louis Futon Flip feat Ariel Shrumpet)


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