Saturday, July 15, 2017

"We Both Need Fixing, But They Can't Fix What's True"

Galantis's new one represents everything I like about EDM right now. There's so much fun, care-free music released every week that it's energizing. The slow build on True Feeling does everything in its power to invite you to keep listening and those who do are rewarded mightily with a bright, bubbly chord progress that is impossible to not nod your head along to. I talk a lot about nostalgia, but that's because are getting so good at evoking feeling with their music. In other words, you could probably make a candlelight acoustic ballad version of this track that would rocket up top 40 radio, but Galantis added a bit of tempo to it and subsequently, it's all the more addicting. It's slated to be the lead off hitter on Galantis's upcoming sophomore album The Aviary. It won't be landing until mid-September, which implies a lot of new music to look forward to in the coming months. Get pumped!...#TheAviary

Galantis - True Feeling


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