Monday, July 24, 2017

RZA Cooks Up Hot Burrito Bowl Beats for Chipotle

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Chipotle's new Savor.Wavs campaign. In summary, RZA created this soundboard with 51 samples that Chipotle mapped into ingredients that make a burrito. I can't make this stuff up, you just have to go to the site and create a song burrito for yourself.

It's interesting timing given the latest norovirus scare in Virginia. I'm not debating how momentarily novel creating your own musical burrito bowl can be. It's a fun minute or two, especially if you stay long enough to play with the visual toggles as you listen to your musical composition. Still, the tech nerd in me has a hard time not questioning the ROI on creating something like that. Novelty aside, check out RZA taking a huge bite out of a Chipotle burrito as he puts his culinary sound board together.

But the real reason we're all here tonight is because GRiZ remixed RZA's SAVOR.WAVs track. The result is as soothing and subtly funky as you could have hoped. It's certifiable porn music, no denying that. It along with the other five new tracks are a welcome evolution in Chipotle's quest for sustained cultural relevance. Shoot there's even a Wu-Tang Clan remix thrown in the mix. It's all just one big epic dream, so buckle up and hop on for a ride...#SAVORWAVS



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