Saturday, July 08, 2017

Four Tet Unleashes Massive Chill on New Single

To some, the track below will elicit a "WTF!? reaction, but those who frequent this corner of the internet know how much of a child of Pure Moods I am. It's a big reason why I vibe so much with Odesza's ethereal, rhythmic, instrumental style. Four Tet may skew more toward the chill than rhythmic on the instrumental spectrum, but there's plenty of room for that on my playlists. His new one below, Two Thousand Seventeen, is a chill sandwich with a side of dream sauce. The harp sounding chord progression is downright picturesque...maybe even to the point of placid. The steady pace of the beat give it just enough contrast to remain interesting for a full four minutes. Cool the f out to this one with me y'all...#TwoThousandAndSeventeen

Four Tet - Two Thousand and Seventeen


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