Tuesday, October 04, 2016

"Ain't Nothing Free 'Bout the Freeway"

If Louis the Child isn't on your list of noteworthy up and coming EDM acts you need to wake up. Despite the fact I've only posted two of their tracks to this daily internet billboard, they've been on a roll lately as they dive into the world of original music. I've waxed poetic for years about how The Chainsmokers were able to shed the "remix DJs" label by absolutely killing it with their own music and now it looks like the duo from the Windy City may be next to break out.

Their new one features the vocals of Evalyn and puts on full display a vibrant Future Bass sound. While Fire is more chill than in your face, it finds a way to be memorable with a jammin' chord progression post-drop. The vocals do a great job of building up the drama before they hit it out of the park post drop. Chalk another one up for Louis the Child as the continue to seep into playlists around the globe...#Fire

Louis the Child feat Evalyn - Fire


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