Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Militant Michael Might Go Psycho, On Any Ally or Rival"

Back like they never left, Killer Mike and El-P are out to rage again with their recent announcement that a new album is on the horizon. Talk to Me is the first single off their upcoming Run the Jewels 3 album, which is a follow up to their previous Run the Jewels 2 album from 2014. It's crazy to think it's been over two years since their last album dropped, but that's probably more of a reflection of how the album steadily grew on everyone that gave it a chance.

Their new one is every bit as rugged and grimy as you'd hope from the duo. Packed with enough bass to make your eyebrows raise and spitfire verses that steadily deliver a powerful punch, it's abundantly clear there's plenty of vigor left in their music. You don't listen to their music to chill, you listen to it to get hype. This falls in nicely with that notion, so enjoy it loudly if you're a fan RTJ. Head on over to Adult Swim and download this sucker for free before you have to pay for it...#RTJ3

Run the Jewels - Talk To Me


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