Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baauer Goes Hip Hop on Night Out

Seeing that my sweet spot for music drifts between Hip Hop and EDM on a daily basis, it shouldn't be a huge surprise why I like Baauer so much. He also rides both sides of the fence genre wise and does more than a lot of DJs by pushing the limits and blurring the lines between each genre with every single he releases. Despite his penchant for pushing boundaries, his new one Night Out definitely skews heavy on the Hip Hop. Featuring a crew of rappers that neither you or I have heard of, he managed to put together a bangin' track. The beat bounces, hits hard, and it provides a steady tempo for the fivesome to take their shots on the mic. On a side note, I'm a much bigger fan of this track than his other new one, Paauer. The latter was a bit too balls to the wall and crunk for my liking, but I appreciate the hell out of his experimentation....#NightOut

Baauer feat KEPHA, JB, kZm, PETZ & Chaki Zulu - Night Out


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