Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"It Ain't Deep, We Ain't Gotta Lose Sleep, Baby"

With years worth of artists trying to be their own unique snowflake in music, it's legitimately hard to do something "new" as an artist. That being said, I'm not sure that I've ever heard an R&B track that starts off with a 41 second acapella freestyle. And not just any acapella bars, a Nas verse effort that spotlights a lot of the gun violence issues having to do with people and police. Even though Nas's intro will get the most publicity, the vibrant bassline, whistle sample and hook are what stuck with me the most. You could convince me that Nas looping around for a final verse around the 3:30 mark was the highlight, but the track as a whole is the gift that keeps on giving. I really hope the next generation of Hip Hop artists learn from Nas's ability to come off intelligent when making a statement on the mic. My inclination is that I haven't seen much of that intellect and creatively lately from Hip Hop artist, so hopefully over time the artists like Nas and Kendrick Lamar will continue to set a positive example for others...#GoDeep

Robin Thicke & Nas- Go Deep


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