Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HudMo Gets Shanghaied, Pours Hype on Watch Dogs 2

It's fair to say that I treat every "Hudson Mohawke has a new album coming out" announcement like it's the night before Christmas. The anticipation is palpable and I damn near fumble when trying to move the cursor to press play on a new track of his. With that being said, Christmas is coming early this year, starting with his new one Shanghaied. The track, along with fifteen other new ones, will be dropping on the upcoming Ded Sec - Watch Dogs 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) in about two weeks on November 11th. What's Watch Dogs 2? Well, it's a video game and you can watch the trailer below...

Creating new music for a game is nothing new, but it's rarely done by entirely by the same person. What I like best about his new one below is that it's a bit more stripped down than a lot of his other releases. Once you get past the 3:15 mark, you get a much more intimate of a vibe on the track. I'd like to use this as exhibit 1A for those of you that think a lot of these EDM artist merely sit back and press play on records. There's a lot more that goes into it and I'm looking forward to hearing where HudMo takes this electronic orchestra of sorts...#Shanghaied

Hudson Mohawke - Shanghaied


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