Monday, October 24, 2016

"Forget Your Game Plan and Your X's and O's"

Who the hell is Ojivolta you ask? Good question, I too required some schooling on the duo. Evidently we're all more familiar with their music than we thought because the LA duo of Mark Williams and Raul Cubina were the masterminds behind the production of Jon Bellion's breakthrough album The Human Condition. Considering how awesome that entire album was, it was a rare moment of instant credibility that they gained in my mind.

Add to that the fact that their new single, Game Plan, also features Jon's vocals and you've got yourself an exciting release. Saying that their new single follows a similar style to 14 tracks on JB's latest album is an understatement. You could have easily convinced me that this is a bonus track on a re-released version of the album. It comes equipped with edgy, yet inspirational lyrics that you'd expect when this trio gets in the studio. If you're like me, you'll be singing along after the first listen and bouncing around to the various cuts and samples sprinkled throughout. It's becoming abundantly clear that these guys can collectively do no wrong right now, so feel free and jump on the bandwagon before it's completely full...#GamePlan

Ojivolta feat Jon Bellion - Game Plan


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