Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stranger Things Theme Get's Bonfired

As both a Strangers Things (Netflix show) and Childish Gambino fan, you could imagine how floored I was to see that both were combined together. I'm generally hesitant to post mash-ups, but this one was too hard to pass up. Not only is there the 1980s synth nostalgia from the Stranger Things instrumental, but there's also the nostalgia of Childish Gambino when he was ripping out hot 16s left and right. If you're like me, when you listened to the mash up below, you thought it sounded very familiar lyrically. Here's the original for those that need to catch up...
Bonus points for those who were able to immediately recognize the track as Bonfire from Childish's Camp album back in 2011.

As far as the mashup is concerned, it's a clash of two different moods with the instrumental amplifying the spooky and the verses projecting pure aggression. It's hard to tastefully blend moods the way this mashup did, which is why it's deserving of a post. As a side note, I'm equally excited to hear What So Not's remix of the theme song whenever it decides to drip drop all over the internet. Is anyone as excited as I am for season two to hit Netflix? Probably not, but join me in raging to this molotov of mystery below...#StrangerThings


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