Monday, June 15, 2015

"Get Drunk on the Good Life, I'll Take You to Paradise"

As promised a few weeks back when we posted The Chainsmokers most recent remix of Life of Dillon's Overload, here comes a fresh new single. On first listen you might think to yourself "man this is different from their usual" progressive house sound," but I'm not so sure it's that big of a departure.

In fact, I'd challenge you to go back and listen to their entire catalog of stellar remixes that include a lot of Indie tracks with a similarly chill vibe. Sure Roses might come off a bit more "Future Bass-y", as the kids like to call it, but mellow and heavy isn't something that's new to Alex and Drew. Yes I did just notice that rhymed as I wrote it, so I'm gonna go with it. Key takeaway here is that The Chainsmokers continue to make great music with a variety of sounds, tempos and vibes, which makes for a fun experience when unwrapping one of their new tracks. Check this one out on iTunes when it comes out at midnight y'all...#Roses

The Chainsmokers feat Rozes - Roses


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