Saturday, June 06, 2015

"I'm Holding On to Everyone Good"

Recently it seems like Tropical House has been the label that everyone associates with any kind of mellow house music. Take for example the new single from Austria's own 17 year old prodigy Filous. The acoustic guitar led beat is far from anything tropical sounding, but it still gets bucketed in with Tropical House. Maybe the genre of Trop House movement is more about the relaxed mind state you're in as a listener rather than similarities in the sound of the track? Whatever the case, How Hard I Try is such a cooled out track, it's a perfect track to zone out to. Shout out to James Hersey who is becoming a stand out name in the world of chill house and look out for that Dawn EP coming soon...#HowHardITry

Filous feat James Hersey – How Hard I Try


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