Friday, June 12, 2015

Videos of the Week July 12th

An overall fun week for videos with Major Lazer clearly leading the way with two more videos for tracks from Peace is the Mission. They have their own awesome graphical style for lyric videos that really works for them. When you can do that good of a job with animation, who needs a high budget video with high paid actors?

In other news, Zedd's Beautiful Now video leans more on the serious side, but the uplifting visuals were appreciated. If you're a fan of the NFL Bad Lip Reading, then you'll get a kick out of Jimmy Fallon's Celebrity Whispers. Who knew it could also be fun when you do it with celebrities on the red carpet? Closing out the week in a strong way is Cal from Timeflies who stepped up his #TimefliesTuesday game this week when he tackled OMI/Felix Jaehn's Cheerleader and Fetty Wap's Trap Queen. Freestyling on command is a unique talent and Cal does it effortlessly, which is fun to watch...#Cheerleader
Zedd feat Jon Bellion - Beautiful Now (Video)

Major Lazer feat Chronixx - Blaze Up the Fire (Video)

Major Lazer feat Nyla - Light it Up (Lyric Video)

Jimmy Fallon's Celebrity Whispers

Cal of Timeflies Takes on Cheerleader/Trap Queen (Freestyle)
Photo Credit: YouTube


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