Monday, June 01, 2015

"Lights, Camera, Action When I Walk Through the Door"

Man, generally Monday's sole purpose is to get out of the way so that we all can be one step closer to Friday. Today, though, we received a rowdy Trap banger from A-Trak, AraabMuzik and Ape Drums that made this Monday all that easier to get through. Action is as heavy as you'd expect with a Hip Hop sample that invites you to bounce along. To say the trio made a star studded trio is an understatement, Action is a great example of how high the ceiling of a track can be when you've got three of best most talented Trap artists in the same studio. Best part about it is the track is completely free to download via Soundcloud. This one is going to be on heavy repeat throughout the week for our team, so don't hesitate to drop and drop this guy to your newest playlist that could use a fresh party starter or two...#LightsCameraAction

A-Trak, AraabMuzik & Ape Drums - Action


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