Thursday, June 04, 2015

"I'm Hotter Than Honolulu, Glory Unto You"

If you've been wondering where the hungry lyricist within Lil Wayne has been hiding, he was unleashed this week. In what can only be explained as a fierce cypher, Tunechi went nuts on the mic for a full five minutes. With quoteables oozing out of each bar, one thing is abundantly clear...he was out to make a statement. Feel free and celebrate it as the first single off his upcoming Free Weezy Album.

...and yes it was released via that new music service that starts with a T, but it will not be mentioned by name on this blog. It's admirable that the service is trying to get better compensation for artists, but they're going about it the wrong way. A better sound quality isn't an order winning characteristic in the world of music streaming and unfortunately it's difficult for us common folk to empathize with the co-owners of the service who don't necessarily need to get richer in our eyes. Give me a better value prop for using the service and change your marketing up because I as a consumer will be much more likely to feel bad for the struggling artist trying to make ends meet than a group of multi-millionaires trying to sell me a music service...#My2Cents

Lil Wayne - Glory


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