Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ratatat is Everything But Rough Around the Edges

Ah yes, fooled by the ironic song title once again! It's as if Ratatat wanted us all to notice the name of their new track, scoff, then proceed to listen to one of the smoothest cuts they've ever created. Needless to say, Abrasive is anything but abrasive sounding...

You might be wondering why in hell the word magnifique kept popping up throughout their extremely well executed stop motion video? Well, that happens to the name of their upcoming album that will be hitting shelves on July 17th. In my eyes, the word is a much better place with Ratatat making new music. Now if we could only get a tour so that I can experience their one of a kind live show all again with a full album's worth of new material...#Magnifique


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