Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bassnectar & G Jones Shed Light on the Mystery Spot

I'm a little ashamed, but until today I didn't know Bassnectar was from Santa Cruz, California. Having been to Santa Cruz a few times over the past year, I had no idea there was a place near there where unexplained things happen. According to Bassnectar, there's a "mysterious place in the Santa Cruz mountains where there are these gravity defying rooms and all these unexplainable natural phenomena inside the building." Oh yea? Feel free and travel down the rabbit hole I just went down in learning about this real life place.

The best part of the track is that it features G Jones, a fellow Santa Cruz native. If you were to imagine a track about a place that didn't have gravity, it would sound as etherial as the appropriately titled track below. There's a heavy dose of drum and bass to complement the quirky synths. The Mystery Spot is one of five new tracks being pre-released from Bassnectar's upcoming 16 track, full-length Into the Sun album. For those of you keeping track at home, this will be the eleventh, count that ELEVENTH studio album from the electronic heavyweight that is Lorin Ashton...#IntoTheSun

Bassnectar & G Jones - The Mystery Spot


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