Friday, August 16, 2013

Videos of the Week August 16th

Interesting mix of interviews, videos and commercials this week from some of my favorites. In my opinion, it's a toss up between Big Sean and Mike Posner for top video of the week. For those who weren't living under a rock this week and caught Kendrick Lamar's lyrical assault on Hip Hop, you're probably more than a little interested about how Big Sean felt about being called out on his own track. As the story goes, Big Sean laid down his verse first and then received Kendrick's after the fact. He made the decision to not go back and change his verse after being called out and actually got excited about the effect that it would have on Hip Hop. +10 pts for Big Sean taking the high road and releasing the track as is for the betterment of Hip Hop.

Coming in second is Mike Posner's adorable video for The Way It Used To Be. Long story short, he spends the majority of the video working together with his friends to convince the girl he was with to stay with him and not break up. I won't ruin the ending, but it's got a twist and it works out for Mikey in the long run. You can file that video under sh*t that doesn't happen in real life. Rounding out the list is some new Haim and an interesting short film with Just Blaze, Baauer and Jay Z...#Higher
Introducing The Wiz Khalifa Collection From Converse

Mike Posner - The Way It Used to Be (Video)

Big Sean Breaks Down Control (Interview)

Haim - The Wire (Video)

Just Blaze & Baauer feat. Jay Z - Higher (Short Film)

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