Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Understand That I’m on a Roll Like Cottonelle"

Sigh...I'm approaching a crossroads y'all. I've had to write this sentence a few times now, but in short, I'm not sure that I enjoy Drake's music anymore. Maybe it's because his storytelling was more engaging when he was on a come up. Maybe he used to be less about his music being judged and produced genuinely creative music that people could see eye to eye with. Whatever it is, the past four tracks he has released off his upcoming album have been so incredibly not like anything on his first two albums, that I'm left wondering if we're approaching a fork in the road. If he's gone by the way of hard core Hip Hop with dumbed down, mostly ignorant lyrics talking that played out I made it, look at me now business, then I've got a bad feeling that Nothing Was the Same may be our crossroads.

With all that being said, if you're not tired of 2 Chainz yet and have the time for a dope Big Sean verse, you may like All Me. Shout out to Key Wane on the beat and thumbs up to the Aziz Ansari Funny People clip (below)...

On the bright side, maybe his new album will be full of surprises that make September 17th the turnaround of my waning interest in my favorite artist's new musical direction...#NWTS

Drake feat 2 Chainz & Big Sean - All Me (prod by KeY Wane)


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