Friday, August 23, 2013

Videos of the Week August 23rd

The sheer fact that Major Lazer got Terry Crews (comedian, Old Spice guy) to play the role of Major Lazer in their latest video made my week. Who cares if the video is slightly over the top and corny, I really hope the continue to get Terry to personify the guys they keep putting on their cover art. In other news, Big Sean is still tearing up the promo circuit in preparation for his new Hall of Fame album dropping. Was it me or are the flames a little over the top in the video below?

The most noteworthy video I found to be Linkin Park's collaboration with EDM extraordinaire Steve Aoki. The track is supposed to hype up Linkin Park's new online game LP Recharge. Haven't looked into the game, but the track has some serious potential. In other news, RZA/Wu Tang and martial arts are mixing again, which is a surprise to no one. Have a good weekend y'all...#SummersOver
Major Lazer feat Peaches, Timberlee & Terry Crews - Scare Me (Video)

Big Sean Performs Fire in Studio For Sirius XM

Linkin Park & Steve Aoki - A Light That Never Comes (Trailer)

Madden 25: Running Back Sons (Commercial)

The Grandmaster Trailer (Narrarated by RZA)

Photo Credit: YouTube


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