Saturday, August 17, 2013

"All My Life, I've Been Waitin For Someone Like You"

With Avicii's debut full length studio album a month away and Wake Me Up continuing to ride the iTunes top 10, it's safe to say the excitement is building for True. For example, I'm still steady pressing F5 on the internet to hear a studio version of Hey Brother without the "Avicii exclusive mix" drops.

Speaking of Hey Brother, it won't be the second single. Instead, his new one, All My Life, will serve as the follow up single. The track isn't country at all if that's what you're hoping for, but thanks to the vocals of Salem Al Fakir, you'll be singing the hook long after you listen to it. I found myself walking through a State Park today humming this track wondering where I had heard it and what song it was. Yep, it was that catchy as hell new Avicii single with the high pitched synths and Indie vibe. If you like pop dance music, this one will sit well with you because it's fun and extremely repeatable.

If you like opening presents before Christmas, feel free and preview the entire album thanks to Fistintheair. Alternatively, if you enjoy opening presents the day of Christmas feel free and hit the pre-order...#AviciiTrue

Avicii feat Salem Al Fakir - All My Life (Someone Like You)


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