Sunday, August 04, 2013

"You'll Learn to Love How to Dream"

I'm still trying to figure out whether The Weeknd is becoming a household name because of his music or whether his cult-like following has tipped the scales in his favor. Whatever the case, it feels like there's a lot of excitement building for his upcoming album Kiss Land. Both Kiss Land and Belong to the World were received with open arms and I'm gonna go out on a limb to say that I like Love in the Sky more than both of them. Check the teaser video below that The Weeknd let loose this week...
I swear he's about as close to MJ vocally as you'll find in the current music landscape. Add to that his at times edgy lyrics that he delivers in a way that makes the vulgarity easy to digest. It makes people turn their heads, but in a jarringly acceptable way if that makes any sense. Shoot it made sense to me when I wrote it, which is more than I can usually claim. New album hits stores on September 10th, get pumped...#KissLand

The Weeknd - Love in the Sky


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