Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Hey Let Me Give Ya My Lovin' If You Like It"

I'm gonna be honest by saying that I can't say I know anything about Azealia Banks. I'll say this though, she's definitely doing something right because the blogosphere makes it a point to post anything and everything she has touched of late. Despite her ubiquitous presence around Hip Hop circles, a recent collabo that she did with Paul Oakenfold failed to get the attention it deserved. Sure, most Hip Hop/R&B blogs don't usually make it a point to post electronic music, but Venus is an uplifting dance track with a big sound. Between Azealia's cheery island vocals, brief French verse and Paul's arena filling synths, the track jettisons into orbit...#CornyPun

Paul Oakenfold feat Azealia Banks - Venus (Radio Edit)


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