Thursday, June 20, 2013

Star Slingin' on a Thursday Night

Am I the only one who wants really badly that Star Slinger would tour around the US? There's an outside shot I could catch him in Chi-town, but he seems keen on primarily staying in the UK on his side of the pond. Can't blame him, if I made great music I'd make people come check me out in my home territory too.

Anyways, the English version of Darren Williams let loose a funky rendition of Miguel's Adorn this week. The remix has a little bit of everything from Hip Hop to electronic to a bit of reggae/calypso vibe toward the end. It's a funky take on a love makin' track that stays true to his upbeat, piano-filled style. Feel free to cool out to this one and don't miss Miguel opening for Drake this fall...#WouldYouLikeATour

Miguel - Adorn (Star Slinger remix)


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