Thursday, June 06, 2013

Ever Heard of Sam Smith? Dude Can Straight Up Sing!

Good god almighty! That was about what came out of my mouth after I picked it off the ground shortly after hearing the pipes on your boy Sam Smith. The only other comp I can think of is when I heard Michael Buble's voice for the first time. Before you go thinking he sounds anything like Michael Buble, pump the brakes. Sam is more of a traditional vocalist that you'd hear on say an American Idol or The X Factor. I mention X Factor because he hails from the UK and I'd venture to guess that he'd do quite well if he decided to compete on the show. If you're wondering what he's got, his acoustic version of Lay Me Down is all you need to hear...

Yea that's that type of ballad that gets the ladies all excited. Some might even say it's borderline BMM and I'd second that notion. Even though I've strayed away from posting ballads, I will willingly make an exception for an artist who actually got his big break by being featured on Disclosure's single Latch. Further proof that talented artists always find a way to open doors for other talented artists...#NSACalledToTellMe

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down


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