Saturday, June 29, 2013

"How Could I Ever Repay, I.O.U."

As someone who believes producers are a bigger predictor of track success than the artist, a good move to get my attention is to find a way to get a big name producer to fork over a beat for you. There's a good chance I'll be able to tell whether it was money or talent that enabled you to procure the beat, but I've found that more often than not, getting a producer co-sign is usually an indication of talent. So for example, when your lead single is produced by The Runners, then Danjahandz produces your remix, big huge red sirens go off in my head that force me to listen.

Enter, Luke James, who is signed to Danja's NARS (New Age Rock Stars) label. Evidently he'll be opening for Beyonce this summer on some of her tour dates, which is another nice feather in his cap. In case you haven't heard the original version of I.O.U. that came out in early February, check out the lyric video below.

The original is cool and all, but the remix with Wale blows the original out of the water. On the remix Luke manages to pull a Trey Songz/Kevin Cossom and sing/rap his way to multi-dimensional success. I'm a big fan of artists than can pull off both, so you better believe I'll be keeping an eye on Luke's upcoming debut album Made to Love due out July 16th...#NARS

Luke James feat Wale - I.O.U. (Summertime Remix)(prod by Danja)


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