Saturday, June 15, 2013

Avicii is About to Wake Up the Music Industry

I know, I know Yeezus leaked last night so you're probably expecting me to have picked out a favorite to post today. I'm leaning toward Blood on the Leaves, but On Sight goes pretty hard. Stay tune for tomorrow, but for today, in light of Kim and Kanye's baby being delivered five weeks before it's due date the day after his album leaked, the internet has jokes. Shout out to P&P for being Johnny on the spot and bringing to light gems like the one below...

Kimye aside, I'm actually a lot more excited about the radio edit of Avicii's long awaited lead single to his upcoming yet to be titled album. For those who weren't at UMF (Ultra Music Festival) and missed my post on Hey Brother, Hey Sister, Tim is making an attempt to combine electronic music and country. While a whole lot of hardcore electronic fans quickly ran to social networks to bash him for his trail blazing efforts, I thought the move was brilliant. Personally, I've never been a fan of the country sound because of it's lack of flair. Sure there are a ton of different types of country songs that have a wide range of styles and tempos, but the genre has always hovered around the same sound and style for decades. It's about time someone like Avicii tried to take the acoustic/banjo with bluegrass elements out of country and apply it to a more dynamic genre of music. According to an anonymous comment on the last Avicii post I had, the new sub-genre is called "Newgrass." Can't confirm whether that's true, but with the soothing vocals of Aloe Blacc and the genius of Avicii, something new is coming to life in the form of Wake Me Up and I really like it...#WakeMeUp

Avicii feat Aloe Blac - Wake Me Up (Radio Edit)


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